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Our First Christmas Tree – 25 Days of Christmas Day 4

Posted by on Dec 5, 2012

Last night Jeremy and I decorated our first Christmas tree together.  We had started kind of late because Jeremy worked during the day, so I posted this a little late…

Our First Christmas Tree : Things I Used

Things I used:

1) a Christmas tree – the tree we used was Jeremy’s grandma’s fake tree (which I have always used fake trees because of my allergies); the top right picture is what the tree looked like when taken out of the box
2 & 3) Christmas ornaments!  We found some cool little ornaments, and we made sure to mix it with some really awesome, bigger ornaments
4) sparkly garland!  (we also ended up adding a blue garland as well given to us by Jeremy’s grandma while we were decorating the tree)
5) ribbon! (we used silver & pink)
6) fake snow
7) glitter for the fake snow
8) some pink Christmas lights

Not pictured:
9) Christmas ornament hangers
10) traditional Christmas tree skirt

Our First Christmas Tree : Steps 1 & 2

Step 1

First thing we did was put the tree together.  Very easy!  Then we spent a little bit of time spreading out the pines.  The tree is a little old so we had to do a few tricks to make it look real.

Step 2

What was nice about this tree (which we found hidden in her garage) is that it was pre lit.  I had never used a pre lit tree before and had been pretty excited about saving time and frustration.  Unfortunately, as you can see, have the lights were out (although the box advertised otherwise!).  So Jeremy ran to the Dollar General (which, by the way, they have four — yes, four, and soon to be five — dollar stores in this little town in Louisiana.  And nothing in there is a dollar either…) and came back with a string of lights, some tinsel, and a pretty ornament that matched our others.

And five minutes later, he was trying to fix the new strand of lights as half of them didn’t work when he plugged them in.  So he took another trip to the Dollar General (this time another one, because the one he had went had closed at 9; and this time, I went with him) to exchange the new strand of lights.  We made sure to plug them in at the store, and when they all seemed to work we went back to the house.

With some finagling and some smarts, we used the one strand of lights to cover up the darker spaces and were able to move on to the funner parts!

Our First Christmas Tree : Steps 3 to 6

Step 3

I decided to wrap in the tree in garland first.  I had done some research on decorating Christmas trees with ribbon, and there were so many beautiful ways to do it.  And that led me to realize that there is no right or wrong, beautiful or ugly way to do it.  So we just had fun with it!

Step 4

Next we added the silver ribbon.  It just so happened that with the amount of length we had with the ribbon verse the garland, we were able to just fill in the spaces with each of the additions.

Step 5

My favorite was the pink!  It really added the color I needed.

Step 6

And then Jeremy’s grandma pulled out a blue and silver sparkly garland, which fit perfect with what we already had and just added to it.

Our First Christmas Tree : Steps 7 to 10

Step 7

We decided to do the skirt next.  Initially I was going to put the pink lights (that I somehow brought with me from California) on the ground, just scattered on the floor and then put the snow over it.

Step 8

But what happened was Jeremy’s grandma pulled out a skirt that she had sewn herself years ago.  And I really wanted to use it!  So I put the skirt down first, and then scattered the light around it.

Step 9

I arranged the snow in a circle around the trunk of the tree, so that the pink of the lights would show from underneath.

Step 10

I sprinkled the snow with glitter!

Our First Christmas Tree!

And after putting the ornaments on the tree this is what we were left with!  We have gotten some compliments from family, but I can’t wait to see how our trees are going to look in the years to come, since this is just our fist one!

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