Hi there! I am so happy you are here! Welcome to A Pink Sunset, your one-stop shop for beautiful and modern designs!  I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself, my services and my intentions… so I thought, why not put it in a blog post to share with my clients?

Speaking of blog posts, did you know that A Pink Sunset started as a blog?  Yep, it used to be a DIY blog.  And I have to say, I give so much credit to bloggers, especially DIY ones.  It takes alot of work to start and run a blog and it can take a long time to say any financial gain from it.  And although my blog faded away, the name stuck and now here we are!

I am an Ohio-native, born and raised.  I am now proud of where I’m from (Lebron!  the Cavs!  the Tribe!  the Factory of Sadness… aka the Browns!) but as soon as I graduation highschool back in 2006, I was out of here.  I headed to Chicago, where I studied Film & Video at Columbia College Chicago.  My dream was to edit movies, so of course my next step was moving to Los Angeles in 2010.

Los Angeles was almost like heaven to me.  I loved Venice beach, it ended up being my residing city the entire length of my stay, other than the two months I lived up in the Topanga Canyons, which was gorgeous.  I loved the hustle and bustle.  And I loved the weather.  I did not, however, love the film industry.

I quickly realized what I did love, and it had been obvious the whole time.  I loved graphic and web design.  So I took at class for web design at Santa Monica College, and when my professor reached out to me for work after class was complete, I realized that maybe I wasn’t too bad after all.

I worked freelance for a short period in Los Angeles, before moving back to Cleveland in 2013. In Cleveland, I was hired as a graphic designer at a local photo booth company, Clear Choice Photo Booth.  I loved the freedom of creativity I was given there and my role was expanded to website designer & manager.

Through the years, I have been asked to design many things for friends and family; from shower and birthday invitations to event fliers, and brochures to marketing materials, word slowly started to spread, and the demand for designs increased.  In October of 2017, I was able to transition from my full-time role as a graphic designer for CCPB, to the self-employed owner of A Pink Sunset.

This time in my life is so exciting for me!  I work with amazing clients, creating designs for each and every one.  I am so lucky to be in the industry I am and to be able to work with not only locals, but with people from all over the world.  I get to work with engaged couples to design their wedding stationery, mommies or grandparents-to-be to design shower invitations, and excited hosts as they throw parties and need paper goods.  And, on the flip side, I work one-on-one with successful business owners, solo entrepeneurs, mommy-peneurs and more to design the branding to show off their company, or their website to create a knock-out web presence.

All the while, I am a mommy to the most adorable three year old girl, Arabella.  If you ever hear me speak of my assistant, she is my number one.  Like her mother, Arabella also loves all things pink, glitter and paper (although one colors it with crayons, and the other runs it through the printer).  I can’t forget my little cavachon, Penny.  She’s pretty cute, but sure can bark alot.

Now that you know a little bit more about me, let me learn a little bit about you!  What kind of job do you need done?  What is your role in the event or company?  I look forward to chatting with you!